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Thill, Courtland L. Includes bibliographical references and index. Business communication—United States—Case studies. U6T45 This page intentionally left blank 9. Planning a Persuasive Message Step 2: Writing a Persuasive Message Step 3: Planning a Negative Message Step 2: Writing a Negative Message Step 3: See page xxii for an illustration of how Real-Time Updates works.

Will your social media habits kill your career? Click here for help Integrating social media in a global corporation Get inspired to build a great Facebook Page Tweets from the boss: The following table identifies the major changes and improvements in the tenth edition of Excellence in Business Communication.

Preface Significant content additions and upgrades In addition to numerous updates and streamlining rewrites throughout, the following sections are all new or substantially revised with new material: Whose Skin Is This, Anyway?

Us Versus Them: The Web 2. How Much Information Is Enough? Social media concepts and techniques are integrated throughout the book, from career planning to presentations.

Here are some examples: Compositional modes for electronic media For all the benefits they offer, social media and other innovations place new demands on business communicators. This edition introduces you to nine important modes of writing for electronic media. Personal branding As the workforce continues to evolve and with the employment situation likely to remain unstable for some time to come, it is more vital than ever for you to take control of your career.

An important first step is to clarify and communicate your personal brand, a topic that is now addressed in the Prologue and carried through to the employment-message chapters. Storytelling techniques Some of the most effective business messages, from advertising to proposals to personal branding, rely on storytelling techniques. Full implementation of objective-driven learning Every aspect of this new edition is organized by learning objectives, from the chapter content to the student activities in the textbook and online at www.

This structure makes planning and course management easier for instructors and makes reading, studying, and practicing easier for students. Deeper integration with MyBcommLab This essential online resource now offers even more ways to test your understanding of the concepts presented in every chapter, practice vital skills, and create customized study plans. New On the Job communication vignettes and simulations Chapter 1: New figures and more annotated model documents The tenth edition offers an unmatched portfolio of business communication exhibits.

Here are the highlights: Critique the Professionals This new activity invites you to analyze an example of professional communication using the principles learned in each chapter. Quick Learning Guide This convenient review tool at the end of every chapter lists the learning objectives with page references for review and defines essential terminology from the chapter.

Every item is personally selected by the authors to complement the text and support in-class activities.

You can subscribe to updates chapter by chapter, so you get only the material that applies to the chapter you are studying. No matter what profession you want to pursue, the ability to communicate will be an essential skill—and a skill that employers expect you to have when you enter the workforce.

This course introduces you to the fundamental principles of business communication and gives you the opportunity to develop your communication skills. Colleges and universities vary in the prerequisites established for the business communi- cation course, but we advise taking at least one course in English composition before enroll- ing in this class. Some coursework in business studies will also give you a better perspective on communication challenges in the workplace.

However, we have taken special care not to assume any in-depth business experience, so you can use Excellence in Business Communi- cation successfully even if you have limited on-the-job experience or business coursework.

Check out these benefits: The communication skills you learn in this class can help you in every other course you take in college. You can reduce the stress of searching for a job and stand out from the competition. After you get that great job, the time and energy you have invested in this course will continue to yield benefits year after year.

They will observe your interactions with colleagues, custom- ers, and business partners. The good news: Every insight you gain and every skill you develop in this course will help you shine in your career. With feedback and reinforcement from your instructor and your classmates, your confidence will grow and the work will become easier and more enjoyable.

The following sections offer advice on approaching each assignment, using your text- book, and taking advantage of some other helpful resources.

These suggestions will help you produce better results with less effort: Everybody feels that way when first learning business communication skills, and even experienced professionals can feel nervous about ma- jor projects.

Keeping three points in mind will help. First, every project can be broken down into a series of small, manageable tasks.

Second, remind yourself that you have the skills you need to accomplish each task. Third, if you feel panic creeping up on you, take a break and regain your perspective. A common mistake writers make is trying to organize and express their ideas while simultaneously worrying about audience reactions, grammar, spelling, formatting, page design, and a dozen other factors. Fight the temptation to do everything at once; otherwise, your frustration will soar and your productivity will plummet.

Concentrate on the organization of your ideas first, then the way you express those ideas, and then the presentation and production of your messages. Following the three-step writing process is an ideal way to focus on one task at a time in a logical sequence. As with every other school project, putting things off to the last minute creates unnecessary stress. Writing and speaking projects in particular are much easier if you tackle them in small stages with breaks in between, rather than trying to get everything done in one frantic blast.

Moreover, there will be instances when you simply get stuck on a project, and the best thing to do is walk away and give your mind a break. The note directs U.

The note has a clear and concise title that avoids puns and word play. Facebook Notes lets writers include photos and other images in their notes. Excellence in Business Communication uses contemporary examples of business communication while emphasizing the fundamentals of audience-focused writing. Preface xxv essential that you adapt your approach to each new challenge. Resist the urge to dive in and start writing without a plan. Ponder the assignment for a while, consider the vari- ous approaches you might take, and think carefully about your objectives before you start writing.

This process has been developed and refined by professional writers with decades of experience and thousands of projects ranging from short blog posts to page textbooks. It works, so take advantage of it. This textbook offers dozens of realistic examples of business messages, many with notes along the sides that explain strong and weak points see the example on this page. Study these and any other examples that your instructor provides. Fast access to reader comments and a retweet button that makes it easy for readers to share this post via Twitter help FreshBooks build a sense of community.

One minor improvement would be to label with words placed directly on the graph the two best combinations, indicated with the green arrows, and the worst combination, indicated with the red circle, to save readers the time required to interpret the meaning of the colors and shapes.

This bold header quickly summarizes the nature of the analysis. Bold terms in the paragraph correspond to the variables in the graph above. The graph shows which terms generated the fastest payments shortest blue bars and highest percentage paid orange dots. The opening paragraph explains the analysis was undertaken in order to help customers make more money in less time—a vital concern for every business.

These clearly written paragraphs explain the two aspects of the analysis, and they speak the same language as business accounting professionals. The article continues beyond here, but notice again the concise, straightforward wording of this subheading the section explains that polite wording on invoices improves customer responsiveness. Used with permission of FreshBooks. Finally, learn from the feedback you get from your instructor and from other students.

View every bit of feedback as an opportunity to improve. Using This Textbook Package This book and its accompanying online resources introduce you to the key concepts in business communication while helping you develop essential skills. As you read each chapter, start by studying the learning objectives. As you work your way through the chapter, compare the advice with the various ex- amples, both the brief in-text examples and the standalone model documents.

Also, keep an eye out for the Real-Time Updates elements in each chapter. We have selected these videos, podcasts, presentations, and other online media to provide informative and enter- taining enhancements to the text material. Several chapters have activities with downloadable media such as podcasts; if your instructor assigns these, follow the instructions in the text to locate the correct files.

If your instructor assigns these activities, follow the instructions in the text to locate the correct files. In addition to the 16 chapters of the text itself, here are some special features that will help you succeed in the course and on the job: Building a Career with Your Communication Skills.

The Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage see page H-1 serves as a convenient reference of essential business English. If your course includes MyBcommLab, you can take advantage of this unique resource to test your understanding of the concepts presented in every chapter.

Plus, at strategic points in every chapter, you will be directed to the Real-Time Updates website to get the latest information about specific subjects. To sign up, visit http: With our unique web search approach, you can quickly access more than search engines. Check it out at http: CourseSmart is an exciting new choice for students looking to save money. As an alternative to downloading the print text- book, you can download an electronic version of the same content and receive a significant discount off the suggested list price of the print text.

With a Cours- eSmart eTextbook, you can search the text, make notes online, print out reading Preface xxvii assignments that incorporate lecture notes, and bookmark important passages for later review.

For more information or to download access to the CourseSmart eTextbook, visit www. About the Authors Courtland L. Thill have been leading textbook authors for more than two decades, introducing millions of students to the fields of business and business com- munication. Their award-winning texts are distinguished by proven pedagogical fea- tures, extensive selections of contemporary case studies, hundreds of real-life examples, engaging writing, thorough research, and the unique integration of print and electronic resources.

Allen Paul Distinguished Chair. Thill is a prominent communications consultant who has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups. He formerly held positions with Pacific Bell and Texaco. Acknowledgments The tenth edition of Excellence in Business Communication reflects the professional exper- ience of a large team of contributors and advisors. We express our thanks to the many individuals whose valuable suggestions and constructive comments influenced the success of this book.

Donna R.

Waltman, Eastern Michigan University F. Winton, Marshall University Beverly C. Embree, University of Akron Preface xxix Susan S. A very special acknowledgment goes to George Dovel, whose superb writing skills, distinguished background, and wealth of business experience assured this project of clar- ity and completeness.

Also, recognition and thanks to Jackie Estrada for her outstanding skills and excellent attention to details. We also feel it is important to acknowledge and thank the Association for Business Communication, an organization whose meetings and publications provide a valuable forum for the exchange of ideas and for professional growth.

Excellence in business communication 4th canadian edition pdf

Additionally, we would like to thank the supplement authors who prepared material for this new edition. We appreciate the opportunity to play a role in your education, and we wish you success and satisfaction in your studies and in your career.

John V. Thill Courtland L. Take a few minutes to read it while you think about the career you hope to create for yourself. First, the U. Second, the large demographic bulge of Baby Boomers is moving into retirement, which should set off a chain reaction of openings from the tops of companies on downward. Third, political and business leaders here and abroad are keenly aware of the problem of unemployment among young adults, both as it affects people looking for work and in the loss of vitality to the economy.

For example, programs aimed at helping graduates start companies right out of college, rather than entering the conventional job market, are springing up under government and philanthropic efforts.

On the plus side, new opportunities, new companies, and even entire industries can appear almost overnight.

So while your career might not be as predictable as careers used to be, it could well be more of an adventure. As companies try to become more agile in a globalized economy, many employees—sometimes of their choice and sometimes not—are going solo and setting up shop as independent contractors.

“Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement”

Innovations in electronic communication and social media will continue to spur the growth of virtual organizations and virtual teams, in which independent contractors and companies of various sizes join forces for long- or short-term projects, often without formal employment arrangements.

One significant result is economic globalization, the increasing integration Prologue Just as companies now compete across borders, as an employee or independent contractor you also compete globally. This situation can be disruptive and traumatic in some instances, but it also creates opportunities. What do all these forces mean to you?

First, take charge of your career—and stay in charge of it. Second, as you will learn throughout this course, understanding your audience is key to successful communication, so it is essential for you to understand how employers view the job market. Maintaining a stable workforce can improve practically every aspect of business perfor- mance, yet many employers want the flexibility to shrink and expand payrolls as business conditions change.

Employers obviously want to attract the best talent, but the best talent is more expensive and more vulnerable to offers from competitors, so there are always financial trade-offs to consider.

Employers also struggle with the ups and downs of the economy. When unemploy- ment is low, the balance of power shifts to employees, and employers have to compete in order to attract and keep top talent.

When unemployment is high, the power shifts back to employers, who can afford to be more selective and less accommodating. In other words, pay attention to the economy; at times you can be more aggressive in your demands, but at other times you need to be more accommodating. Many employers now fill some labor needs by hiring temporary workers or engaging contractors on a project-by-project basis.

Many U. Both trends have stirred controversy, especially in the technology sector, as U. To make the most of your potential, regardless of the career path you pursue, you need to view employment in the same way. The short answer: The closer you can present yourself as the ideal candidate, the better your chances of getting a crack at the most exciting opportunities.

Specific expectations vary by profession and position, of course, but virtually all employers look for the following general skills and attributes: Communication is listed first because it is far and away the most commonly mentioned skill set when employers are asked about what they look for in employees.

Improving your communication skills will help in every aspect of your professional life. Learn to work with others—and help them succeed as you succeed. Successful employers tend to be responsive to diverse workforces, markets, and communities, and they look for employees with the same outlook. Employers want people who know how to identify information needs, find the necessary data, convert the data into useful knowledge, and make sound decisions. Your ability to plan projects and manage the time and resources available to you will make a big difference on the job.

Stuff happens, as they say. Employees who can roll with the punches and adapt to changing business priorities and circumstances will go further and be happier than employees who resist change. Professionalism is the quality of performing at the highest possible level and conducting oneself with confidence, purpose, and pride. If you find yourself running the same complex calculations over and over again, let Excel deal with them so you can toss your old calculator:.

Open a new file, and label fields for what interests you. Select the cell you want the result of each of the labeled fields to go to. Click "Insert" and select "Function" to open the "Insert Function" window. Then select "Financial" to view all the functions in the financial calculation. Double click the labeled field of choice, which will open a function arguments window.

Fill in the field numbers as how you labeled them. Click "OK" and you're done with the calculator for that label. Excel is fully equipped for loan calculators, financial reports, expense tracking, forecasts, and budget plans. Spare meeting with the accountant and view metrics like revenue, operating profit, interest, depreciation, net profit, and quarterly trends at a glance.

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Under "Format Cells," select the "Accounting" option. Unless you wish to make additional adjustments, select "OK. You can apply this format to a range of cells by selecting the range of cells with a format painter tool. Built-in formulas that can be applied and tweaked to customize include cash flow and asset depreciation.

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This will highlight all the data. Click the "Insert" tab up top, and select "Chart" and "Recommended Charts. Click a chart option, or click on "All Charts" for additional options.

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You already have software for daily calendars and schedules. But why turn to many individual pieces of software when one can handle it all? Use Excel to map out a content calendar for your website and blog. Use it to maintain a PTO schedule of all your employees. Color-coordinate for different categories, so you can get a quick grasp of areas that may need more focus. It'll help you monitor progress more efficiently:.

Conduct a search on schedule templates. This varies greatly depending on which version of Excel you're using. Preview the schedule templates, and download the most suitable one to open into a new worksheet.

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Answer Wiki. Answered Jan 6, Answered Mar 7, Master the Shortcuts Learrning somme keyboarrd shorrtcuts can hellp you savve preciious tiime. Top 7 free and paid excel online course 2. Fetch live data from the internet.Sally Yagan Director of Development: Third, political and business leaders here and abroad are keenly aware of the problem of unemployment among young adults, both as it affects people looking for work and in the loss of vitality to the economy.

Donna R. It works, so take advantage of it. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.