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Samuel Berry of Salem. Mary Tucker. He was a merchant and cooper at Marblehead, and died there Feb.

Mary, April 22, ; m. Mary Lane.

She was wife of John Bailey, He moved to Rehoboth, Mass. Mercy Jencks.


July 14, ; m. Elizabeth Wheeler. Deborah Esterbrook. Cordellay Bullock. Ruth Moulton.

On the records he is called Ser- geant. Lived and died at Andover, Aug. May 7, ; in. Mary Watts. See Chandler Gen. May 30, ; in. Maria Hoitt. July 30, There is no record of his birth or any absolute proof of his parentage, yet an exhaustive study of all facts goes to prove him son of Samuel and possibly the name Daniel born should read on the records as Eldad. A death of Daniel is recorded Sept.

Master Link A/S Grade 10

July 24, ; m. July 20, ; m.

Sarah Bingham, 2d. Jvme 26, ; m. Lydia Mason, 2d. Mary Welch ; 6 Huldah, b. June 24, ; 7 Elizabeth, b. May 29, ; 8 Abtier, b.

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He was a carpenter at Gloucester and died there Maria Hoitt. Publication - IRS.